Workshops by VKF

VKF was founded by Satchitananda Vandana Khaitan mainly to promote her Guru Yogi Protoplasm, disciple of Ramana Maharishi's teachings on Science and Vedanta worldwide.

VKF conducts the foll 4 workshops for free. However donations to the foundation are welcome.

In the first 30 mins a powerpoint presentation is given on the scientific research done on how mantras can heal, cut stress and psychosomatic diseases, how aura colors can change, deep meaning of Om in the Upanishads, garbh sanskar, , past life regression therapy etc.
In the next 30 mins 5 stages of chanting Om are taught. This meditation technique is called Pranava Nada Anusandhan.

2.WHO AM I? - SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL SEARCH - Movie Workshop ( 2- 3 hrs)
First a 70 min 3D animation picture is shown called Who am I - Scientific Spiritual Search on Science and Vedanta based on a book by Yogi protoplasm followed by qus and answers and meditation. With the help of galaxies, protoplasm , hologram, circulatory system, electromagnetic spectrum etc Yogiji 's film takes the seeker on a fascinating scientific voyage of Self Discovery.

3. YOGI VS BHOGI - Movie workshop (1.5hrs to 2 hrs)
First a 1 hour film called Yogi vs Bhogi is shown which shows spiritual solutions to problems like corruption, female foeticide , aids etc. Art of Living singer Siddarth Mohan has done music and played Yogi's role and Kiran Bedi makes a guest appearance. Film is followed by qus and ans, pledge against lavish weddings , dowry , female foeticide , ending with meditation.

Workshops have been conducted thru Satchitananda Vandana Khaitan at Rotary Clubs, lions Clubs, Maheshwari club, Foundation for Good Governanace, Maitreyi Club, Mahila Mangal Club, Manya Group, friends of Tribal Society etc.

* To organise wokshop for your organisation please email or call us