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MUM – Meditation Ultimate Medication

Explores how meditation is the ultimate medication for any problem facing man.

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MUM – Meditation Ultimate Medication (Trailer of Health etc Benefits of Meditation) :

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Meditation Ultimate Medication

Let’s go on a voyage of self discovery. Self discovery is self recovery.

Is Meditation the ultimate medication for any problem facing man? Let’s explore.

Meditation is simply reminding yourself again and again that you are not the perishable physical body but a divine eternal soul full of bliss, peace and cosmic love. One who meditates becomes a spiritual magnet and radiates joy and peace and becomes a channel for the inflow of divine energy.

Meditation destroys all causes of sorrow for the root cause of any sorrow is attachment to the perishable body. Chanting of om helps to break attachment to the perishable body and helps one to attach to the imperishable soul. Once established in one’s soul blissful nature one learns to watch the ups and downs of life like a drama and be mentally unaffected. Ex. Ramana Maharishi, the great South Indian saint had cancer but was not dependant on doctors and medicines and remained immersed in the bliss of Samadhi or Superconsciousness till his last breath.

It has been scientifically proven that during meditation, brain waves actually do change. When you meditate there is less Beta the thinking and stress related brain waves and more alpha, theta and delta, the relaxation brain waves.


Health Benefits Of Meditation

Numerous scientific studies have proven that regular meditation has many health and other benefits-

1. Cuts stress and psychosomatic diseases. In aids patients there t cell counts increased. In heart patients there heart disease got reversed. Depression patients recovered. Cancer patients showed remission, chronic pain decreased etc.

2. Reduces dependency on medicines. You save on doctor’s bills.

3. [link11] Aura colors improve – Through kirlian photography one can see ones aura colors. Somebody who is very materialistic will have a red aura. A spiritual person will have a purple aura and an enlightened master will have a white aura.

Our Yogis say regular meditation also helps to –

1. Develops intuition, concentration, memory and will power.
2. Makes mind peaceful, stable and equipoised in the ups and downs of life. So many youngsters commit suicide nowadays if they don’t do well in exams or suffer heartbreaks. If kids were taught to meditate at a young age they wouldn’t play with their lives.
3. Improves relationships – a doctor couple on the verge of divorce were taught to meditate. Soon they stopped fighting and withdrew their divorce case.
4. Cuts alcoholism and drug addiction – if one can get drunk with soul bliss through regular meditation why would one ruin ones life with drugs and alcohol?
5. Improves productivity and efficiency.
6. Mantras boost our “happiness hormones” which strengthens our immunity and nervous System.
7. Leads to moksha or enlightenment or freedom from the repeated cycle of birth, old age, disease and death.