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Modern India has seen so many scams. [link15] CEO’s of big companies like ITC, SAIL, TISCO, SATYAM etc were caught in big scams. Besides them Chief Justices, Vice Chancellors, Ministers have also been caught in scams. Economic Times once did a cover story on the biggest scams in India. All were done by very rich and educated people. Everyone wants to be an Ambani these days and the means are not important. Days are spent chasing money by whatever means and nights are spent partying or socialising.

Hinduism stated there were 4 goals to a human birth – dharma(ethics), artha( money), kama( pleasure) and moksha (liberation from the repeated cycle of birth, old age, disease, death). In today’s scenario Dharma and Moksha are totally forgotten with whole focus only on Artha and Kama.

Alas, due to psuedo secularism nothing spiritual is taught in our schools and colleges and that is why our society is rotting and there is this huge moral crisis in the country.

Most people are religious but not spiritual. They mostly practice commercial devotion and offer prayers or pujas to God to fulfill some worldly desire. But spirituality really means seeing and serving the one self in all – whether rich or poor, black or white, male or female, healthy or sick. True spirituality really means living a simple and selfless life like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda or Mother Teresa.

So please introspect and ask yourself – Am I a religious or spiritual person?

The youth urgently need to learn that VALUES are more important than VALUABLE.s.


The Radha Krishnan Commission on Education[link16] had advised the nation way back in 1949 the following guidelines –
1. If we exclude spiritual training from our institutions we would be untrue to our whole civilization.
2. All educational institutions should start work with a few minutes of silent meditation.
The grave moral crisis we see in the country today is post 1950 pseudo secular India, chose to dismiss such counsels.

Spiritual Solutions

Ignorance of the real goal of human birth is the mother of all crime and corruption. Everyone wants happiness but they are running for it in the wrong direction. Most people search for happiness in wine, women and wealth but Taittreya Upanishad says a mind which has been purified by selfless work when that pure mind sits in deep japa and meditation the bliss that it then experiences is million times greater than the bliss of a billionaire who has enough of 3w – wine, women and wealth. Everyone wants to be a billionaire but to become a bliss billionaire one must purify ones mind thru sadhana and seva. But who is interested in Purity nowdays.

Everyone only wants Power. We grow up thinking money and marriage is the goal of life but forget that moksha or freedom from the cycle of birth, old age, disease, death is the real goal of a human birth. But moksha does not seem to be on anyone’s checklist. Maya jaal is very powerful.
We are all currently in Mrityuloka. (kingdom of disease and death).
3 Kinds of suffering can finish man at any time in Mrityuloka.
1. Manmade disasters like war, rape and terrorism.
2. Natural disasters like earthquakes, famines, floods etc.
3. Diseases like cancer, aids, depression etc.

So Mrityuloka is a temporary place full of suffering. Whether one is a millionaire or a beggar we will all undergo disease and death. But our upanishads talk of higher lokas like Brahmaloka where there is no disease and death, eternal life and absolute bliss. But how can one gain one’s promotion from Mrityuloka to Brahmaloka. God tests us in Mrityuloka- the more simple and selflessly one lives the more our chances of earning our promotion to Brahmaloka. But who is living simply and selflessly these days. Most are bhrast bhogis leading self in dulgent lives & cannot think beyond pati(husband), putra(son), paisa (money), party …….

Some people may question the existence of Brahmaloka but if everyone started living simply and selflessly Mrityuloka would certainly become Swargaloka or heaven.

Like there are 3 kinds of suffering there are also 3 kinds of intelligence –

1st class – buddha had first class intelligence. He was a prince, had a beautiful wife and son and could have spent his whole life partying. But he saw old age, disease and death, questioned suffering, did intense meditation and attained enlightenment.

2nd class – problems are happening to people all around us but only if some problem hits my head do I question life and search for a way out.

3rd class – I am engulfed in problems but it only leads me to drugs and depression. Most people have second or third class intelligence. First class intelligence like the Buddha is very rare.

Exercise for developing detachment and 1st class intelligence (inspired by Pujya Yogi Protoplasm)

Close your eyes and visualise your own skeleton. It is made up of 206 odd bones of different sizes, Mentally take your x-ray photo and carefully examine your skeleton. The body is a moving commode. It has so much dirt inside. It sweats and produces repulsive odours. Yet we identify ourselves so much with this perishable cage and pamper the body so much. Fancy clothes, fancy jewellery, fancy cars, finally fancy diseases, fancy hospitals and fancy funerals. Mrityuloka is only a fool’s paradise.

Now ask yourself the eternal question – Who Am I ? Am I this perishable cage which will certainly disease and die or am I a divine eternal soul full of bliss, peace and cosmic love? Who Am I ? Can this insert skeleton do anything by itself ? There must be some intelligent power operating this skeleton? Affirm the idea that you are not this perishable cage made of flesh and bones which will certainly disease and die. You really are an imperishable soul which is eternal, all blissful and
all pervading. By doing the skeleton visualisation daily you will get detachment and you will try to lead a more simple and selfless life.


Female Foeticide

Estimates by the Indian medical association say that 5 million foetuses are killed in India every year. [link17] Every year 1 in 25 female foetuses are aborted this despite the fact that female foeticide is a criminal offence. [link18] Since 1991 80% of districts in India have recorded a declining sex ratio with the state of Punjab being the worst. Experts warn that the demographic crisis will lead to increasing sexual violence, abuse against women and female trafficking, increase in polyandry etc.

Cause of problem – this whole culture in India of dowry, lavish weddings etc makes the girl child to be viewed as a liability. It’s happening even in very affluent families.

Some solutions

We need to teach the youth the importance of having simple weddings, not give and take dowry, teach them the law of karma so that this evil practice of female foeticide stops. Azim Premji though being a billionaire had the simplest wedding for his son and has donated half his wealth to charity. He is a living Raj Rishi & a role model.

Law of karma – ex. Maya gave birth to 3 still born sons. Then she slipped into depression and was near suicidal. Her past life regression therapy was started for depression. (PLRT a technique where thru hypnosis patients can access past lives and heal the karmic cause of their present life trauma & has been made very popular by Dr. Brein Wiess, American author of Many Lives, Many Masters).

Sure enough Maya was a gyneacologist in a past life and had aborted many female foetuses for money. Law of karma was catching up with her in this life. No one can escape the law of karma. As you sow so shall you reap.

Vande Krsna Foundation proposes to do celebrity mother daughter fashion shows in colleges with the theme of my daughter my pride and then get youth to take a pledge against lavish weddings, dowry, female foeticide etc and also institute a Rajrishi award where rich couples found living upto the pledge would be given a lot of media coverage and an Award & Prizes so that it has a trickle down effect on society.