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Take A Pledge

We are guilty of murdering Mahatma Gandhi not only in body but in spirit too. Bapu must be crying in his grave. Is this the India for which he sacrificed his life? An India where white babus have gone only to be replaced by brown babus who are greedy and corrupt; an India where farmers commit suicide; rape, female foeticide, dowry deaths etc are rampant; elderly people are abused and neglected; communalism is rampant etc etc. Was this the India of Bapu’s dreams!

Vande Krsna foundation proposes the launch of BB ( BAPU BRIGADE) to turn BB’S ( Bhrasht Bhogis – self indulgent people) into BB’S ( BLISS BILLIONAIRES – LEADING SIMPLE SELFLESS LIVES).

BAPU BRIGADE will take a 5 point pledge to build the India of Bapu’s dreams.

  • I will not use expensive designer bags, clothes, watches, jewellery etc till Mother India is not freed from the curse of poverty.
  • I will organize only simple weddings, not give and take dowry and not indulge in the evil practice of Female Foeticide.
  • I will abstain from meat, drugs, alcohol and illicit sex.
  • I will celebrate my birthday as a Daan Deep Divas – donate to the poor, light the lamp of selfknowledge thru satsang ( spiritual discourse, music and meditation) with family and friends instead of lavish birthday parties.
  • I will pray, meditate, write an introspection diary daily and try to live as simply and selflessly as possible.

Hope and pray BAPU BRIGADE becomes a popular movement and we can all build together the India of Bapu’s Dreams. As our Rishis say there are many problems on the planet but the root cause is lack of spiritual awakening. So let us unite and fight the evil outside by conquering the impurities within thru sadhana and seva ( selfless work).

The best way to find yourself is lose yourself in the Service of others.
— Mahatma Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in world”
— Mahatma Gandhi

“The world has enough for everyone’s need but not greed.”
— Mahatma Gandhi