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Vision & Mission


We at VKF propose to set up SSS.

We at VKF propose to set up Scientific Spiritual Spas where mind , body and soul , all 3 are being treated holistically.

We at VKF want to set up womb to tomb centres.

A womb to tomb centre would have a school starting from garbh sanskar (where pregnant mothers come together for sadhana or spiritual training) to 12th standard attached to an old age home so that kids and elders can benefit from each other. Focus of WTTC ( womb to tomb centre) will be to create Rajrishis ( kids who know how to make money like rajas but live simply selflessly like rishis) by inculcating values in them right from womb stage.

Make masala message films that not only entertain but also enlighten.

So let us join hands and fight the evil outside by conquering the impurities within thru sadhana and seva.

In Guru Seva Satchitananda Vandana Khaitan.