Founder & Managing Trustee

Satchitananda Vandana Khaitan

Vandana's Guru Yogi Protoplasm has taught her to add Satchitananda in front of her name so that the focus shifts from the perishable body to the imperishable soul & the ego gets killed.

Vandana studied Fashion designing at the London College of Fashion but by divine grace is now pursuing Fashion for the Soul. There was a tragedy in her life. But her Guru Yogi Protoplasm (Swami Prajna Aranyaji) blessed and healed her life and inspired her to walk on the path of Self Realisation. She founded Vande Krsna Foundation in 2013 to promote his teachings on science and Vedanta worldwide. She has edited and published a book on Yogi Protoplasm's teachings on Science and Vedanta and has made a 3D animation film based on the book which was screened at the International Spiritual Film festival in Ujjain , India in 2016. She is currently researching and writing a book called Recreating Rajrishis for she believes if by spiritual awakening the 1% of the Superrich can learn to live like Rajrishis i.e. make money like a Raja but live simply and selflessly like a Rishi 90% of the poverty, illiteracy, , corruption etc problems on the planet can be solved. She aspires to set up Scientific Spiritual Spas where mind , body and soul - all 3 are being healed holistically. She is also deeply inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and aspires to be a spiritual activist like him. She is a writer and producer and has made a film called Yogi Vs Bhogi which shows scientific spiritual solutions to corruption, female foeticide, aids etc.She conducts movie workshops in schools, colleges etc and aspires to remake the film for the big screen with top stars as part of a mission to make films that not only entertain but also enlighten. She also conducts workshops on Meditation - the ultimate Medication. Her hobbies are singing bhajans, painting, writing, social work and river rafting. They say if suffering takes you closer to God it really is a blessing in disguise.

A sincere spiritual seeker thokar ( tragedy ) in her life turned her towards Thakur( God).