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Vande Krsna Foundation
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Vision and Mission

VKF has primarily been started to promote Science and Spirituality esp the teachings of my guru Yogi Protoplasm (Swami Prajna Aranyaji) ,a spiritual scientist.A tapasvi mahatma who lives only on milk yogiji teaches deep vedantic truths simply with science. Since we are living in a scientific age yogijis teachings are very relevant today and can unite all religions too to expose the Unique Unity behind the baffling Diversity. 
Yogiji is famous for conducting intensive meditation retreats and we at VKF hope and pray and dream to be able to turn his camps into a global movement like Vipassana by opening Science and Spirituality centres worldwide. As our rishis say there are many problems on the planet but the root cause is lack of spiritual awakening.So let us join hands and unite to fight the evil outside by first conquering the impurities within thru sadhana and seva.

In Guru Seva 
Satchitananda Vandana Khaitan


Other Objectives of Foundation

1.To make films with social and spiritual messages, films that not only entertain but also enlighten.
2.To create Rajrishi training centres and courses where leaders are created who know how to make money like a Raja but also live simply and selflessly like a rishi.
3. To build schools where right from the womb stage(garbh sanskars) spiritual sanskars are being put in kids like Childrens University in Gujrat.We believe that there are many problems on the planet but the root cause is lack of spiritual awakening and if spiritual sanskars get embedded in kids from an early stage we can transform our corrupt society.In the name of secularism nothing spiritual is taught in our schools and colleges .As a result we are one of the most corrupt societies on the planet today.But true secularism really means that values from all religions must be taught and kids must learn to respect the differences.
4.To promote inter faith harmony
5. To create holistic healing centres where mind body and soul - all 3 being treated together.

PROMOTING VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM THRU SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY.The aim of Foundation VK is to spread VK- Vasudaivam Kutumbakam - that the whole world is One family and break barriers of caste,creed,religion,country by helping people perceive the Unique Unity behind the baffling Diversity by lighting the lamp of Self Knowledge scientifically.


Yogi vs Bhogi - A film that presents scientific spiritual solutions to 3 burning issues corruption,female foeticide and aids was recently released by the foundation.www.yogivsbhogi.com


WHO AM I - A scientific spiritual search which explains the teachings of Yogi Protoplasm was released by the foundation in dec 2012 in Hyderabad at the 1ST World Parliament on Spirituality by One World United.

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    Who am I Book by
Yogi Protoplasm
Available in ( Hindi & English) For India
Black and White Edition
Price is Rs 195
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