Vande Krsna Foundation was established in 2013 to promote Science & Spirituality especially teachings of Yogi Protoplasm on Science and Vedanta worldwide. As our Rishis say their are many problems on the planet but the root cause is lack of Spiritual awakening. So let us join hands & fight the evil outside by conquering the impurities within through sadhana & seva.
We at VKF propose to set up Scientific Spiritual Spas where mind , body and soul , all 3 are being treated holistically. We want to set up 1 SSS and then franchise it so that it becomes a global movement. A SSS would have the following components -

  • A high tech Science and Spirituality Centre based on Yogi Protoplasm's book - Who Am I ? - Scientific Spiritual Search.
  • A meditation and Yoga Hall.
  • A hi tech auditorium
  • Kirtan bar + juice bar + vegan cafĂ©. ( if youth is given sattwic entertainment we can wean them off drugs, alcohol etc)
  • Rajrishi training centre where courses are offered on why Rajas should live like Rishis. If Rajas start living simply and selflessly like rishis we can solve 90% of the poverty etc problems on the planet.
  • Garbh sanskar training centre- where spiritual courses are offered to pregnant women so that sanskars can be put in kids from the womb stage only.
  • Holistic Healing Centre where all kinds of alternative therapies are offered. But the focus would remain on destroying ignorance thru selfknowledge and meditation. Our rishis always stated that man should not fear disease and death but rebirth for if you die with an impure mind again you come back in the cycle of birth , old age , disease and death.
    So only a pure mind is passport to becoming a Bliss Billionaire.
  • a spiritual products showroom.
  • offices and guest rooms.

We at VKF want to set up womb to tomb centres.
A womb to tomb centre would have a school starting from garbh sanskar (where pregnant mothers come together for sadhana or spiritual training) to 12th standard attached to an old age home so that kids and elders can benefit from each other. Focus of WTTC ( womb to tomb centre) will be to create Rajrishis ( kids who know how to make money like rajas but live simply selflessly like rishis) by inculcating values in them right from womb stage.

Make masala message films that not only entertain but also enlighten.
So let us join hands and fight the evil outside by conquering the impurities within thru sadhana and seva.
In Guru Seva